Admin’s BIG UPs

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People Listen Up…(*clears throat*)…

JamDom is not just online dominoes…it is a community! JamDom is its own world within a world. If you don’t believe me then try to spend at least an hour around the lounges and playing and then you tell me?

This community started back in the Summer of 2007 when Admin was exploring the idea of bringing the highly cultured and highly competitive game of Jamaican-Style dominoes online. Believe it or not, there was a time when there was only 1 lobby or room or whatever you want to call it and there wasn’t even 4 people online to play at all times – so I had to have a list of players on MSN who I could call to come online just to fill 1 table! To all those who were around those times and still around, YUH LARGE!

I would like to take this time to personally mention certain individuals who have helped to pave the way and blaze trails in the early out. I can’t mention everyone but if I mention you, I will mention your original JamDom name – we nuh innah di change name/reset account ting! ADMIN would like to thank all those who have stayed on the table when the game pop dung so that he could go behind the scenes to fiddle with the code to fix the problem. And to all those who provide a nudge to the complainers and ask them to see with ADMIN because his job is not easy, THANKS!

Certain people haffi get call out though because ah suh di ting set…

DON’T SAY ANOTHER WORD IN ENGLISH (or any other language for that matter). The journey and development of JamDom is dedicated to you – yuh deh bout from when you ah type in and there was only a blank white screen but you would still check it every day waiting to see “how are you going to be able to get the dominoes on the screen?”

Yuh done know seh yuh large already – you deh bout from the conception and brain child of JamDom. Anyweh you see him thank him because ah him tell mi to allow people to play the game while it is being developed because I wanted to wait until everything was finished. He is the original BLACKS with an S – we have nuff hand-me-downs now so mek sure u get it right! Ever since we went live to the public, even though there are bugs, it’s still the hottest ting on di net and now we have a huge following of anxious supporters who can’t wait for the site to launch. Blacks, maybe we should have wait to launch because these stubbron and stiffnecked people don’t see the thing as a work in progress?!

Bwoy King, you have nuff knock off Kings now but you ah di original KING and the original MODERATAH who deh bout from way back when di dominoes not even have enough room to turn on the table properly! BIG UP YOURSELF AND NUFF RESPECT!

HOTTY, HOTTY, HOTTY! Bwoy, mi not even know wha fi tell yuh but thanks for all the soft words of encouragement when all hell broke lose with the codes. Your contribution was endless through the initial periods of debugging. This is the JamDom (FIRST) FIRST LADY…LOL. (Remember when we have online dance and mi get one two wine when di DJ was playing the 80s and 90s reggae?)

DT yuh ah di JamDom DJ, SELECTAH and COMMENTATAH. You always ah live up di ting from day 1 back at di first DUSOUT House link up. Everything plug in and nuttin nuh plug out all when we deh at the “halfway house” for Six in the City!

DUS your contribution is much appreciated as you are always promoting JamDom and passing information along to the new players (especially the females) to welcome them to JamDom. Thanks for openening up your doors for the link ups from WAY BACK WHEN. Everything soon sort out!

JIM, Remember when di JamDom lady debut and mi send you ah trailor load of audio clips to edit? Thanks a lot because I know it was tedious to clip out each name and this is now one of the coveted features of the JamDom VIP Membership. Thank you for all the time you spent online because when you step in the place, you bring vibes and comedy till all hours of the morning. Remember the War Appareil from the MAYOREE couture line? LOL.

CYBER, even though you are very anal and can be very technical and people are not sure whether or not you are a human or a computer, your support is much appreciated because you spent a lot of time online helping me catch some very critical bugs. What was the name of the Hoodies, Sun-Glasses and Coke crew on web cam? I think it was HSC crew – LOL.

THAI…WOW! You are a true JamDom patriot and I can’t forget all the times yourself, Cybernetic and myself, spent hours on the table looking for bugs and finding them and then looking for some more and then finding them and then doing it all over again! You were always willing to help and it went a long way. Remember when the MIC feature just come out and you were the first to go on and it used to echo throughout the whole lobby and then everybody run out di same day to buy mic to use on JamDom? LOL.

SIGH-7. Thanks for always lending your time to help me fix the problems and glitches and calming the people down (or cussing them off) whenever I am trying to get to the bottom of the issue.

Celebrity MC- YUH LARGE – ah yuh mek di first JamDom theme song!

Head Pilot – thanks for using your mathematics brain to help contribute toward the development of the French lounge! You always ah analyze the stats and ah give me new angles of mathematical approach to work out the formulas. Show dem seh maths does have some useful real life applications. BTW, was it you who dubbed the term SUB-P? That was hilarious!

Thanks for your support in helping to form the stats in the earlier stages of the Ranks. I remember when you were working hard to hold down a top rank when the heat was on!

The first official JamDom VIP who, prior to, was #1 on the website for quite some time (to my dissent) because he kept dropping six on everyone! If you see this Cuban, six him for me because we can’t let the Cubans beat us at our game! LOL.

SIX in the CITY sell off and DUDE LIST 2 di F’ing Rerl! For all di times that di JamDom coding was going to make me jump off the balconly but you reminded me to back up and give you a copy of the codes first. Your logics is much obliged and has me on the grind.

Special thanks for helping to bridge the gap between the Old School and the New School in this world of online dominoes. We have much more work to do together.

You ah di JamDom janitor – gwaan hold dung di post. Dont forget to sweep underneath the tables in the Practise Lounge and push in the chairs but stop cause trouble with Kount Dracs! (*KMT*-CHUH)

Another Special Thanks goes out to all of the JamDom MODERATORS – I cannot divulge your identities (and hopefully you haven’t) but thanks for helping me to keep things under control. There is more work in the horizon.

There is probably a whole lot more so forgive me if I have forgotten you but I can’t leave without calling out MY P’s who hold it down with me in the Partners Lounge (a.k.a. GULLY SIDE) whenever I need to get high off of my own supply…LOL.




12 Responses to “Admin’s BIG UPs”

  1. sexyb says:

    big up!!!!!! big head Admin, thai love u girl,n big forehead 2can n to all my frens and enemies on jamdom… luv all a unnu!!!

  2. Thai_gal says:

    BWOYYYYY ADMIN a.k.a Sean_T a.k.a God Voice a.k.a gamemekkah a.k.a Jamdom creator!

    Since u tek di time fi mention alla we, it would jus be fitting dat mi write a likkle supm fi show my love fi u.

    Di history we have pon jamdom can write a novel.. Mi feel very honored fi be one a di contacts pon u msn list dat u can call fi anyting, one a di special people u mentioned to thank, one a di very first jamdomites 2 be on jamdom and 2 stick wid di same account from di start. Mi know say di road nuh easy but di destination is worth di bump and rass pot The revolution of dis website has been amazing 2 be apart of.. and YES di good ol Webcam/Mic.. CAM/MIC tables!! The endless jokes eg. FORCEFIELD, PAGANS, ROSE THORNS IN ONES BUSH lol.. Di historic feuds eg. GP vs. all di men pon Jamdom, Sexyb(mi love her now) vs. Me/Cyber/most a jamdom a matta a too much feuds to mention but hard 2 believe dat smaddy actually had supm against Hotty at one time lol.. it so hard 2 dislike her even wen u try.. and trust me deh were times wen she would intentional come sit ova me.. lol(love u hotty)! ooo memba u BF AOT?! LOL?! good ol Aot_top.. he was ur BFF but he was my P… Mi learn how fi play french fi help u out but u neva did need me LOL.. The many notorious bandooloo internet connections eg. Adam_Koomer, Ty, Karlkris and some would argue Usher1984 LOL… Mi miss how jamdom use 2 be, weh everybody kno each odda and wen ppl actually cared about di game of dominoes radda den di rank, weh msn was used fi call ppl fi come play radda den fi cheating.. and wen u actually had di time to play some dominoes with ME 24/7!!! O how mi miss di simpler times..

    Mi prolly could go on and on bout our adventures pon jamdom but dat would tek wey too much time from playing dominoes… so me’ll mek it short.. jus memba me only a phone call/text/msn away if u eva need anyting *hugs*.. mi jus have one request, PLZ bring Jamdom 2 Blackberry THX!!

    Much Love and Prosperity,


    • Admin says:

      THAI, LOL@BFF, where is “AOT” btw? If anyone know weh AOT deh, let me know. Like I said, you are a true JamDom patriot and ur rite we can’t get into everything it’s just too much. LOL@”ROSE” Thorns.

  3. gtzfrenchy says:

    what the rass where mi name skunt!

    • Admin says:

      FRENCHY da TECHIE!!!

      Yes, you’ve been around from the early out – make sure you don’t reset your account to maintain that seniority!

      Special big ups- and you know we’re good and we have business to take care of…we’ll link!

      (You see, I know I couldn’t remember everyone.)

  4. Jaysweeter says:

    I do not understand whats going on..

  5. Nubn says:

    Admin yu’a step up!! Big up
    from di Original Nubngyal

  6. jamaicaboy says:

    admin u adi boss u mek we have a great time on this site bless up for that bossy

  7. ironfist says:

    what is going on………let the game begain

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