About Us

JamDom.com is a new portal for players around the world to engage in the Jamaican-Style of playing dominoes ONLINE! We boast the fact that we are the first to bring the style of multiplayer dominoes that has a Jamaican/Caribbean influence to the Web. This unique platform has made a vast impression on users worldwide who are enthralled with the captivating and intimate culture centred around the pastime of Jamaican Dominoes.

JamDom.com launched the BETA (Test) version of the game/website in the early part of the Summer of 2007. At that time we decided to open up the testing grounds to the general public to gauge feedback and to support the development process. Since then, the game has undergone rigid development and we have established a very enthusiastic set of avid players and passionate supporters. Through mainly word of mouth advertising, we have grown our user base to over 17,000 players within the past 2 years.

It’s a good thing we opened the doors to the general public during the early stages because the response has been extremely favourable. Almost all of our players are blown away by this innovative concept and become literally hooked to the site within minutes! Our players log on from the Caribbean islands (including Jamaica), the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. The average player spends at least 3 hours on the site per day and we have over 1300 players who log in daily! The future growth potential for the JamDom.com user base is unlimited because we haven’t even tapped into mainstream avenues of marketing as yet.

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