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Here is a suggestion from Jr909:

“Good site.  I like it.

Just a suggestion.

I think when a player is watching, he/she should be able to see at least one, if not all the players hand.  I can see the potential risks involved but it could also serve as a learning method for want-to-be players. Maybe you could setup a special, non-ranking lounge for watching where would-be cheaters would have no effect.”

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7 Responses to “Watch Hand / Tutorial”

  1. jahmigo says:

    Pleasant good day to each and every one in the domino fraternity. I am Jahmigo, friend of Jah. I would like to suggest in furtherance of allowing the most inexperienced of novice players the abliity to learn, you the admin should at least post some basic guidelines, most notably necessary in Partner Lounge. For although many, profess a profound ability to play, the reality of the situation is that there are maybe at best 50 domino players on this site that can consistently play the highest level of domino (Partner Game) correctly….without drawing 5 pc a dis or six pc a dat. Subsequently I would like to see, at least for partner game some sort of general instruction which includes CUTTING THE POSE, as one of its major tenets. Secondly, many people in the world are playing ROTATION of POSE, as opposed (pun unintended) to WINNER POSE. I think that you should have this option, or perhaps u switch the site day to day to alternate between the 2 poses. This would make six loves more impressive. For the winning side would have won posing 3 times, and been able to win 3 times while the other side Posed. It would be similar to the Breaking of SERVE in Tennis. I do realize that this is Jamaican dominoes, of which I am a great enthusiast, however I think that the afore-mentioned suggestions would do alot to level the playing field. There are great disparities existent betwween the ability of some. And there is nothing more frustrating as a competent domino player to be passed time an time again, or jus even to have a very winnable hand , dat cyaan born ..simply because a partner refuses to cut pose. I am Jahmigo.

    • Admin says:


      These are some very good suggestions that we can definitely take into consideration to appeal to the more advanced Partners players like yourself – it would be interesting to see the results of the ROTATION of POSE on JamDom. It will definitely require some skill!

  2. gtzfrenchy says:

    sorry, Bwoi and gyalz them!

  3. gtzfrenchy says:

    LOL, honnestly this is great for freshies to start up pon, but dont introduce this to any ranked rooms or else u going to have bwoi them with 2-3 computer looking at everyone hand and just cheating like no tomorrow alot of smart people i notice in there, (player next to one and nother) but i see you put in that 1 ip limit per person) good start,

    you should start building up ur “creW” if you know what i mean

  4. kc416 says:

    oh heck no… work on the tournament lounge first!

    • Admin says:

      TOURNEYS are definitely on the list of current priorities! We just have to take care of the technical stuff first to make sure we’ll have smooth game play while the tourneys are in progress.

  5. Omz says:

    would have to be a non-ranked lounge

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