Tagging Time Wasters

Here is a suggestion coming from kemani:

One of the main issues is a user issue. players logging when they know they dont have enough time to play and users that are annoying.. would be good if you could put personal tags on players you come accross so that you dont join a table where they are.. cant remember everyone so tag them.. or red flag them..other users wont be able to see you tags, but you can avoid players you cant stand..”

the personal list can also stand to show players you like playing with, want a rematch with or simply like the vibe they give when they chat while you play.. keep in mind that about 1/8 of the players spend half their time as spectators..”

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3 Responses to “Tagging Time Wasters”

  1. gtzfrenchy says:

    this is what you do,
    Players who leave a game, after like a certain amount of time should get tagged for 10 days and have a ban from rank rooms
    if they fool around have them reported to admins / have ip banned
    honestly i feel everyone on this i recently return (vex cuz of runner and all that) and every game i play so far every 1 person about to take it runs

  2. kc416 says:

    sounds good…

    and i beg to argue with the 1/8 of players being spectators..seems kinda low to me…

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