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Why am I a FRESHIE?!

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Why did my Status change from VETERAN/PROPER to FRESHIE?

Your STATUS is mainly based on a statistic called FREQUENCY. Your FREQUENCY represents how frequent you play in comparison to the average player. For example, if the players in the 4-Player Cut Throat lounge played an average of 10 games, and so far you only played 9 games. Your frequency is calculated as follows 9 / 10 = 0.90. Anytime your frequency is LESS THAN 1.00, your STATUS will be marked as a FRESHIE.

For a more reliable ranking system, FREQUENCY is in place to prevent new players with a winning streak from flying to the top of the ranks and to ensure that players with a Top Rank continue playing to defend their rank.

HERE IS HOW A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE THROWN OFF GUARD: Since YOUR FREQUENCY is based on the Average Amount of Games Played, this statistic is constantly changing, even while you are not playing!

Going back to the example above, let’s say you played one more game to move from a FRESHIE to PROPER (10 / 10 = 1.00). Now, let’s say you stop playing for a week but obviously there are still people playing while you are gone (because JamDom is da hottest ting since slice bread!) so when you come back the average player reached 15 games in the 4-PLAYER Cut Throat Lounge. You still only have 10 games to your name so your FREQUENCY when you come back is 10/15 = 0.67 which is most definitely LESS THAN 1.00. Thus, you will be labeled a FRESHIE, until you catch back up to speed!

Love Ratio vs. Diverse Love Ratio

Friday, December 18th, 2009

What is the difference between Love Ratio and Diverse Love Ratio?

LOVE RATIO measures how many sets you win over how many sets you lose. DIVERSE LOVE RATIO measures how many different players you have given love to over how many different players have given love to you.

Watch Hand / Tutorial

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Here is a suggestion from Jr909:

“Good site.  I like it.

Just a suggestion.

I think when a player is watching, he/she should be able to see at least one, if not all the players hand.  I can see the potential risks involved but it could also serve as a learning method for want-to-be players. Maybe you could setup a special, non-ranking lounge for watching where would-be cheaters would have no effect.”

Tagging Time Wasters

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Here is a suggestion coming from kemani:

One of the main issues is a user issue. players logging when they know they dont have enough time to play and users that are annoying.. would be good if you could put personal tags on players you come accross so that you dont join a table where they are.. cant remember everyone so tag them.. or red flag them..other users wont be able to see you tags, but you can avoid players you cant stand..”

the personal list can also stand to show players you like playing with, want a rematch with or simply like the vibe they give when they chat while you play.. keep in mind that about 1/8 of the players spend half their time as spectators..”


Friday, December 18th, 2009

What’s up JamDom-ites!

JamDom is currently under re-construction in order to bring you an enhanced gaming and social networking experience.

We are working very hard to get rid of the glitches in the game and to provide you with some nice graphics while you play.

Everyone is vexed that they don’t know what is happening with JamDom and they feel Admin abandoned JamDom? God forbid! Admin is working hard to get JamDom off the ground so I fling this blog up just for you all to remain in the loop and so you can provide your suggestions for the new and improved JamDom!

“Please to don’t cuss me anymore…please and thanks…please.”

Hmmh…I wonder who should be the JamDom news anchor to cover the weekly stories of who ah run from six, who ah try look who and who ah teef…any volunteers or nominations?