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Friday, December 18th, 2009

What’s up JamDom-ites!

JamDom is currently under re-construction in order to bring you an enhanced gaming and social networking experience.

We are working very hard to get rid of the glitches in the game and to provide you with some nice graphics while you play.

Everyone is vexed that they don’t know what is happening with JamDom and they feel Admin abandoned JamDom? God forbid! Admin is working hard to get JamDom off the ground so I fling this blog up just for you all to remain in the loop and so you can provide your suggestions for the new and improved JamDom!

“Please to don’t cuss me anymore…please and thanks…please.”

Hmmh…I wonder who should be the JamDom news anchor to cover the weekly stories of who ah run from six, who ah try look who and who ah teef…any volunteers or nominations?