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What’s up with the SERVER?!

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Okay JamDom-ites,

We have received a swarm of emails, messages and curse words regarding the Server kicking people out in the middle of games allowing them to pick up run rates, penalties, bad name, lose 6-es, etc.

The purpose of this blog is to keep you posted regarding the redevelopment of the game so that we can eliminate the server issues. At this time we feel that it is software issues as opposed to hardware issues and so we are switching the game to more mature server software. This obviously is not free so we’ll need your support (if you care enough about your user experience on JamDom).

Anyway, my question to you all: is the Server causing too many problems that it doesn’t even make sense to play as is anymore? Shall we just take the whole thing down until it isĀ  fixed up proper? What about Ranks and Run Rates, etc. etc? The server upgrade won’t happen overnight and we’ll need time and money- so you tell me what we should do until then…

Take JamDom down since the players are saying that JamDom is sick???

I’m a perfectionist so if you leave it up to me, I will take it down until every striking thing is fixed! I didn’t even want to put it public until everything was done but Blacks said “No Man, let the people dem play the game and gwaan build up the user base. ” Who’s right- me or him?

Talk di tings dem people because I am just as frustrated, sorry MORE frustrated than you…